Athraon is ready and well equipped to provide information technology coaching services and expertise to all levels.  Beyond maintaining high levels of expertise in coaching and various assessments, we also have extensive experience as practitioners in information technology.  This experience includes security, software development, leadership, service design, and project management.  Among others, our coaches also maintain IT certifications such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Project Management Professional (PMP), as well as the ITIL Expect.

Coaching for Individual Clients

Coaching is a powerful tool for self-care, awareness, and goal setting.  Our experts are ready to combine years of technichal and leadership experience with coaching skills to being the most value to our clients working in any level of information technology.  Contact us today to learn how we can best support you through a complimentary discovery session.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is best stated by the International Coach Federation as:

“…partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

This is a highly iterative and client focused process which often empowers individuals with clarity and awareness of their own strengths and tools available.  It also facilitates the process of defining and exploring the client’s objectives to ensure goals are met in the most effective way.  In addition to awareness, coaching can bring change, confidence, and comfort to an individual seeking direction.

Information Technology Business Coaching Services
IT Coaching Services for Professionals

Why Use Information Technology Coaching Services?

This is increasingly important in the world of Information Technology which is defined by the ever developing fast paced culture.  In such an environment, it is key for individuals to have clarity as to their own goals and confidence with their place in the environment.

In their article “Why You Need an IT Career Coach” CIO Magazine eloquently explored the benefits and reasons behind coaching in IT and identified the six points below.

1. Clarity

“The most important thing coaching can provide is clarity – both on past accomplishments and on future goals,” says [JM] Auron. Not having clarity on where you’ve been, where you’re going and where you want to be is a common issue with many job seekers not just people in the technology field. Working with a good career coach will help facilitate a broader perspective on your situation and how you respond to it. They should work with you to uncover that clarity, set goals and to identify and take advantage of new opportunities.

“I quickly learned I needed to become more strategic vs. tactical in my activities, how my current and future roles led to solutions that positively affected revenue or efficiencies, how to navigate and understand the political underworld of the executive suite and how to approach a job search and interview for an executive position,” says [Doug] Saunders.

This clarity can help uncover what truly motivates you. It could also help you uncover a career path you hadn’t considered previously. “Know what things motivate you, and always keep them in mind. For example, it’s easy to take a people management role because it’s “the next logical step,” but you have to make sure that it’s also a good fit for you. People management doesn’t have to be the only path to success,” says [Nora] Grasham.

2. Confidence

The right amount of confidence can help you to stand out when interviewing for a new role. “Knowing what you’ve done – knowing what you’ve really delivered – makes the interview process a different thing. Being able to clearly articulate one’s achievements, one’s real value, immediately sets a job seeker apart,” says Auron.

3. Achieving Goals Faster and More Consistently

“The one common benefit I see is that IT professionals who work with a coach achieve their goals and objectives more quickly and more frequently than those who don’t. I’ve seen people improve how they manage their teams, engage with peers, partner with customers, manage up, drive innovation and change, manage complex projects, influence colleagues, communicate, relax and handle stress, work life balance, their relationships with their kids and significant others, and on and on and on,” says [Bob] Kantor.

4. Confidentiality

Another big difference between a mentor and a career coach is that mentors work within the same company you do, and will provide input to your manager and/or HR organization related to your career development. “Coaching agreements, on the other hand, expressly create a “cone of silence” and assure you of complete confidentiality between yourself and your coach,” says Kantor. Auron agrees, “Career confidentiality is absolutely critical for coaches and resume writers – I take protecting that confidentiality very seriously – and don’t generally give references for that reason. The wrong word – that a given person is looking for a job – can have serious consequences.”

5. Access to New Tools and Techniques to Enhance Job Performance

It’s hard to improve your skills if you don’t know where you stand to begin with. A career coach should work with you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses and help you build a plan to bridge the skills gap, as well as, exploit your strengths.

6. An Accountability Partner

Working with a career coach will help you to make and keep your commitments to yourself.