Coaching and Consulting Focused on the People


Athraon, LLC is a certified small business focusing on building high performance organizations and developing leaders to ensure the most efficient and effective operations.  Our team consists of experts and experienced leaders with diverse backgrounds.  Our expertise spans business, information technology, higher-education, public safety, and non-profit leadership and culminates with a passion for leading and building organizations through the people.  This is brought to our clients through a tailored approach to coaching, consulting, and strategy designed around their goals and expected outcomes.

This passion comes together in out mission of developing competent and confident leaders.

Who We Are


Leaders successfully leading efficient and effective high-performing organizations by meeting business goals, effectively coaching their team, possessing the ability to lead up by effectively presenting and defining a course forward for senior management.


Our core values represent our underlying principles and standards.  These values prominently define the level we operate at, but are also presented and bestowed on our clients.

Integrity – Value and honor the trust granted upon individuals and organizations, with the highest ethical standards.
Leadership – Regardless of an assigned role, everyone is a leader through each action and interaction.
Accountability – Individuals and organizations are responsible for addressing and resolving any issues to the highest levels of integrity in a timely manner and being responsible for those actions and outcomes.
Service – Continuously demonstrating an eagerness to serve the community, all supported organizations, and individuals
Equality – Providing the same high quality service to all supported organizations and individuals.
Empowerment – Provide the tools necessary to empower individuals and organizations to meet and exceed their goals.
Quality – Always Strive to provide dependable and reliable support and services.

Our Coaching


Our team works with both individuals and organizations to build highly-effective leaders, teams, and organizations and to assist them in defining goals.  Throughout our process, our team of experts works with clients to assess their strengths, develop or refine goals, and develop a comprehensive plan for action.  Once this is complete, a strong foundation exists to implement and best leverage strengths at any level.  Beyond creating baselines and benchmarks, we have a number of assessments available that provide input and insight into the process from a variety of stakeholders.